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Metal Die Casting

Your Partner in Metal Die Casting Technology

Moss can supply high pressure zinc-alloy Die Cast parts to your specific requirements.

We have modern European machines with all the latest technology. Our production rates are very high and our prices are internationally competitive. Our team of competent technicians and engineers ensures that quality and productivity are always high.

Moss have also developed special Hot Sprue Technology for Die Casting, similar to that used in plastic injection moulding, to reduce the size of runners, the amount of re-melted metal and the cycle time.

Castings are made fully automatically, without flash or overflows, which improves part quality and accuracy and makes for very competitive prices.

Die Cast Thread

Secondary Operations

After casting, parts can be threaded, machined, press-formed, tumbled or polished. Parts can be joined by crimping, pressing, riveting, coining or using screws or modern adhesives. Moss can assemble products together and pack them to your requirements.

Surface Finishes

We can supply Die Cast parts with many different finishes, including:

  • Powder-coated (in a whole range of colours)
  • E-coated
  • Bright zinc plated
  • Chromated
  • Chrome plated
  • Nickel plated

Die Cast Work Samples