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Design and Development

MOSS INDUSTRIAL can provide the complete product development process for successful product manufacturing.


Using advanced CAD/CAM technology, Moss Industrial can provide innovative and cost-effective solutions in the design of new products: from initial discussions to product development and manufacture.


After initial design, prototyping is used to ensure the product is good looking, proportional and functional. Prototypes are made from materials that closely resemble the final product and fit with any mating parts.


Moss Industrial takes a collaborative approach, capturing the best input from both our customers and our design engineers to achieve superior outcomes.


Where required, we are able to support product development with engineering analysis such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), vibration analysis, weight optimisation, mechanical event simulation and mould-flow simulation.

TOOLMAKING Short Run or Full Production

Toolmaking forms the foundation of Moss industrial. This is where we started and it remains an intrinsic element of the business underpinning the exceptional service that we can provide. We have the ability to serve both small and large manufacturers with large or small-scale production projects.


To ensure our products meet the highest industry standards, we undertake extensive research and development, stringent quality controlled testing and utilise best practice manufacturing processes.